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Have you ever felt that finding a dream job is possible for others but not you?
Let's change that today  ...

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Are you also:
😞 dreading  Sunday evenings and going back to work?
😞 hating the idea of staying in your job for 1, 2 or more years?
😞 dreaming about a better job but struggling to get it?
😞 feeling frustrated, overwork or underpaid in your job?
😞 losing your motivation and energy to carry on?

... just like I used to. I have a solution for you - this CHALLENGE.

I learnt the hard way how to get my dream job FASTER with EASE, but you don't have to.

Noone ever taught me what to do differently. How to boost MY CONFIDENCE and land my dream job with ease. I learnt the hard way.

For years ...
❗ I was skilled but not confident to apply for better jobs,
❗ my CV was average and didn't make me stand out,
❗ I spent many evenings feeling bad and hopeless.

I am sure you know how it feels. Not great, right?!

My job search was chaotic and I was hoping someone will give me a chance. But that chance wasn't coming.

Until I discovered my CONFIDENCE had a lot to do with my job search and failure.

I had big career aspirations, but when I wasn't getting any job interviews, I started to doubt myself. I fed my mind with many reasons why I couldn't do it! I was incosistent with my job search, either sent 2-3 job applications in one go or spent weeks doing nothing (feeling sorry for myself)!

Luckily, this is in the past!

10 years of hiring people and my own trial-and-error taught me how to be more confident, effective and positive during my job search and how to make finding my ideal job easier.

The result?
👍 I got a way better job during economic crises,
👍 I got dream job FASTER (4-5 weeks instead of 3-6 months)
👍 I came out of 2 redundancies with better jobs offers.

You too can feel CONFIDENT and land your dream job faster. I can show you simple tools and techniques that work.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and time-saving option, this is it.

ALL you need to land your DREAM JOB in  ONE CHALLENGE:

Discover how to land your dream job faster in just 7 days:

Day 1: Turn your worries and doubts into confidence
✅ Day 2: Discover your dream job (your ideal job)
✅ Day 3: Discover 7 ideal-for-you employers
✅ Day 4: Career paths aligned with your skills
✅ Day 5: Prepare yourself to stand out among competion 
✅ Day 6: Create your job-winning CV using Templates
✅ Day 7: Fun way to job search with confidence and ease

PERFECT for you, if you:

👍 want to explore what your dream job is,
👍 know what your dream job is but struggle to get it,
👍 applied for jobs but didn't get any job interviews,
👍 want to stop doubting yourself,
👍 want to make your happiness a priority,
👍 want to give up excuses & change your career for better.

In just 7 DAYS lack of confidence
will no longer be your reality.

By the end of this challenge you will:
👌 reframe how you think about yourself and job opportunities,
👌 line up at least 1-3 options for your career growth,
👌 feel confident to go after your career dreams,
👌 have a job-winning CV ready for your applications,
👌 turn job search from boring, frustrating to fun, empowering.

Still not sure? Let me show you why it's IMPORTANT to be BETTER at getting your job:

💭 LinkedIn published that women are more hesitant with job applications, they feel they need to meet 100% of the criteria,
💭Job search can take 3-6 months on average,
💭 Eye-tracking study shows recruiters scan CV in 7 seconds,
💭 1 in 6 candidates usually gets invited for a job interview,
💭 Only 2-3 candidates get to the final round of interviews,
💭 39% of the candidates get rejected due to overall confidence level, voice quality or lack of smile.

Can you really afford not to get better
at getting your job?

Join my 7-Day DREAM JOB Challenge 👌
and NEVER again FEEL UNHAPPY at work

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Hi, I am Adriana, nice to meet you!

I am an International Career Coach, Amazon Best-selling Co-Author and Operations Manager with over a decade of experience with hiring best talent.

If you're right now feeling stuck, disengaged or demotivated in your job I get it, I've been there myself:
✅  stuck without seeing opportunities,
✅ job searching with no replies,
✅  worried and doubting myself,
✅  praying for payrise or promotion,
✅  doubting if I can get even better job,
✅  made redundant 2x in 3 years!

You’re more than CAPABLE and READY to get your dream job NOW,
more than you may think.

My biggest AHA moment was ...
that it starts with me. If I don't believe in myself, why should others believe in me?

Once I stopped worrying and changed beliefs about myself and what was possible, everything else changed.

Ready to change what's possible for you?
You're more than capable than you may think. And I am here to hold that space for you if you get stuck.

It starts with taking ACTION.
See you in my 7-day Dream Job Challenge

* Money Back Guarantee *

     I decided to give you full 30 days to complete this challenge.

    You can do this challenge 4 times over and
    if you think it didn't help you, you can request a refund and get money back!

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